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How was the Miquel Jané Winery born?

A story of wine and family

At the end of the 19th century, the marriage of Antonio Jané Formosa and Josefa Pascual Formosa gave rise to the future founders of the current Bodega J. Miquel Jané. Today it has reached the fourth generation, led by siblings Josep Miquel and Bernadette Miquel.

The founding couple bought the first properties where they would start exporting wine. They acquired properties in Font-Rubí, El Vendrell, Vilafranca del Penedès, Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues and Avinyonet del Penedès. Thanks to another branch of the family located in Cuba, they also had an extensive bulk wine production in this country. In fact, this story is told in the painting "Remedios Pascual Formosa", exhibited in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

Years later, Antonia Jané Pascual, the youngest of Antonio and Josefa's three daughters, enlarged the planting area by buying Cal Costas and Baltana Vella. At that time the winery achieved great quality in the production of its wine and received several awards of recognition. 

With the arrival of the Civil War, there was a temporary pause in activity due to the family's exile. On his return, it was Antonia's son, Josep Miquel Jané, who took charge of restoring production, mainly in bulk. However, Josep had more ambitions for the land and in 2002 he launched the first bottled wines that now make up the personality of the Bodega and which you can buy and taste for yourself. 

Currently, Bernadette Miquel Vacarisas is the woman who leads the winery's activity and maintains its excellence with wines such as Sauvignon Blanc. 

Antonio Jané Formosa

1844 – 1920

Jose Miquel Bonet
1882 – 1962
Antonia Jané Pascual
1889 – 1972
José Miquel Jané
1923 – 2011