Tasting note

In view of

Not very intense colour, looking for a pale but not too pale colour, shiny and bright with strawberry red tones.

On the nose

A touch of slightly acidic red fruit, not quite ripe strawberry and a hint of pomegranate. After 5 minutes in the glass it evolves towards a sweeter and silkier aroma.

In the mouth

It is fresh, with a touch of astringency that makes it very interesting. It has a pleasant, slippery passage through the palate. The aromas remain in the mouth for a long time.


It could be an aperitif wine, accompanied with Manchego cheese, cockles or olives of different kinds. It would also go well with fresh cheese pasta, white meat with juice or grilled sardines or salmon.



Wine produced entirely on our Cal Costas estate, 500 metres from the winery.
The vines are about 10 years old, and the soil is rather poor, which favours stress on the vines and gives the grapes a very interesting concentration of colour, sugars and polyphenols. Harvested by machine in the early hours of the morning and taken to the winery immediately. The grapes are skidded and vatted in vats. Every year is different, but more or less, we leave it with the skins between 6 and 10h, and we make a direct bleeding of the tank, cold static racking and fermentation at controlled temperature, always keeping the varietal aromas.
Short time in tank and bottled as quickly as possible to avoid oxidation.


100% Red grenache


+/- 13,00%






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